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Bring us your problems. Your challenges. Your daydreams. Your scribbles. Your just about anything. Because we’re not just in the shipping business. We’re in the problem-solving business. We’re 400,000 “can-do” people serving over 220 countries and territories who are ready to roll up our sleeves and help solve your business problems. Let’s get to work.

Since the 19th century, Hong Kong has been a global gateway for trade. Today, Hong Kong entrepreneurs operate in the most intensive trading market in the world. But new competition is creating challenges and opportunities. UPS can help Hong Kong businesses navigate the complexities of trade, save time and money, and find competitive advantages.

UPS for Reliability

UPS for Reliability. Discover how UPS helps Video Plus Print (VPP) make next-day deliveries on 3,000 international shipments, saving over 3,500 man-hours every year while keeping their customers satisfied. Utilizing cutting-edge audio-video technology, VPP creates unique multi-sensory experiences for its customers all over the world. VPP’s project-based business operates largely on an unforeseeable demand surge, and needs to cope with the fast pace requirement of its customers’ marketing campaigns.
Shipping across the globe? It's all in a day's work.
Shipping across the globe? It's all in a day's work.
  • UPS Quantum View® helps VPP manage their shipping information securely and efficiently so they can offer their customers proactive notifications when the shipments are on the way or create a custom tracking report.

  • UPS Worldship® Integration provides VPP with several options for getting the information required to generate shipping labels and manage multiple addresses.

  • UPS Paperless® Invoice allows shipments to clear customs ahead of time with an electronic commercial invoice data that’s sent to customs offices before the shipments arrive.

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UPS for Speed

UPS for speed. The race to get your products from assembly lines to doorsteps begins the moment an order is placed. We keep shipments moving along smoothly, by making every stage of your supply chain less complex, more automated and ultra-efficient. So the people who want your products most, never have to wait long for them.

Learn how we help EZshopnet deliver football jerseys to fans in just one day.

  • EZshopnet has to meet the changing demand for football jerseys from millions of fans across Asia.

  • UPS helps EZshopnet manage spikes in rapidly-changing demand and lower costs by maintaining a lean inventory and using tracking and billing solutions, such as Quantum View® Manage, to keep shipments moving smoothly.

  • An efficient, automated supply chain lets EZshopnet get the latest jerseys from factories to fans faster—while delivering a complete, satisfying customer experience.

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UPS for Sustainability

UPS for sustainability. With venues and audiences booked, even the slightest delay could spell disaster. UPS helps manage complex deliveries and tight lead times, with an attention to detail that leaves no room for error, all while keeping our own carbon footprint small. When the stakes are high, choose speed and sustainability you can count on.

Learn how we brought together sustainable fashion collections from around the world for the EcoChic Design Award show in Hong Kong.

  • The EcoChic Design Award competition has grown significantly over the years and now draws participants from around the globe, leading to greater logistical complexity.
  • Collections have to be delivered by the competition’s deadlines, while giving the designers maximum time to work on their designs.
  • UPS ensures shipments arrive in time and does so in a sustainable manner, in line with the intent of the competition.

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UPS for Global Reach

UPS for global reach. Our 400,000-plus workforce includes tech specialists and customs experts who understand the needs of the industrial, manufacturing and automotive industries. We know the difficulties of managing growth while balancing pressure on margins and constantly innovating to stay ahead. We’re there as a trusted partner from beginning to end. From supply-chain solutions to electronic customs clearance, we’ll provide the know-how and technology to help you succeed.

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  • 3D printing company Materialise has developed software that allows them to “make products for a better and healthier world.”

  • Collaboration with UPS experts simplified their entire logistical chain.

  • UPS’s advanced software allows product designers to see their ideas developed and then shipped anywhere in the world.
  • Materialise uses UPS Express® for fast, reliable and cost-effective delivery.

The challenge is not just one of controlling the 3D printing process, it’s controlling the entire logistical chain … we are fully connected with UPS software.

Wilfried Vancraen Founder, Materialise

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